Deb Altrans

Deb Altrans rust remover

Deb Altrans Acidic Metal Cleaner 5Ltrs
High Performance – phosphoric acid based detergent for removing rust, oxidation,
corrosion salts, limescale and general dirt and grime

De-rusts – dissolves rust and restores the appearance of NON-ANODISED aluminium doors / shutters,
cladding, vehicle bodywork, plus bare steel and iron components, machinery and parts

Easy to Use – apply by cloth or brush, or spray onto surface via a low pressure
sprayer where soaking is required

De-scales – removes limescale from most metal, ceramic and glass surfaces
e.g water boilers, water pipes and outlets

Contains Corrosion Inhibitor – prevents acid attacking most metals

Biodegradable – can be disposed of into foul drains in small quantities

Low Odour – for high user acceptability


Deb Altrans 5ltr

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